We Lead by Example

Oil & Gas

The field of Oil & Gas is one of the largest industries in the world, generating huge income and supporting many millions of jobs throughout the world. MUH is an active participant in this field, with a controlling equity position in a thriving on-shore and off-shore oil & gas services company based in Abu Dhabi. The Group also has two joint ventures in the distribution of LNG & SNG in addition to the provision of EPC works for the likes of ADNOC. MUH also has a significant equity position in Al Fanar, ADNOC’s largest LNG distributor in the UAE, and who we are proud to affirm are bringing the very latest technology in gas installation and maintenance to some of the region’s most complex developments and prestigious international companies as well as the delivery of billing and inspection services for both commercial and residential customers.


The health and well-being of our population is of importance to us all, and is a major area of commercial focus for MUH. The Group has a unique approach to this domain, whereby the full life-cycle of a healthcare projects can be covered, from development and implementation of initiatives through to the implementation of a healthcare strategy and the evaluation and improvement of ongoing operations. MUH focuses on both product, service and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Physical Commodities Trading

MUH has invested in a dedicated international Physical commodities trading business, which is gaining momentum in the area of international trade between the UAE and India, as well as Asia. With the UAE fast becoming one of the region’s most significant central distribution hubs for international trade, MUH is working within this area and continues to seek further opportunities within this market.

Waste Management & Waste to Energy

Bringing technology into an age-old field, MUH is building on the foundations of it's investment in medical-waste collection, processing and management company in Abu Dhabi. Together, we are aiming to forge new standards in this domain with regards to new waste-stream collection and management, through modern technology, upgrading infrastructure, and expansion to other emirates in the UAE.

Construction & Real Estate Development

MUH takes great interest in innovation within the real estate sector, as well as participating in commercially viable projects, and has invested in some unique companies in the construction and distribution sector as well as engaging and supporting local and international investors and buyers. The Group has equity in a number of construction, real-estate development and sales companies that focus on their own niche market in the UAE and the Middle East.

UAE Business Establishment & Development

MUH assists businesses in establishing themselves in the UAE with respectto all forms of trade, product development & services delivery. The UAE is quickly becoming the core of international trade for the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and beyond and MUH continues to focus on solutions which build upon the foundation of a new international trade environment.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance are an integral part of any community, country, or region. Today we are witnessing one of the most significant changes in Banking and Finance for a generation which presents MUH with a number of opportunities, some of which we have invested in and we continue to pursue, be these Fintech, trading or new currency initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”) are cutting-edge technologies which are now delivering tangible benefit throughout the world and being incorporated in to a wide range of sectors and businesses. MUH is a controlling partner in Emirates Artificial Intelligence Technologies (EAIT), a leading technology holding company based at Abu Dhabi Global Market which is focussed on delivering AI and ML based solutions.

EAIT’s vision is to be seen as the leader in AI focussed technological developments, innovation and research. This exciting new field represents our bold vision, and our innovative approach to delivering tomorrows AI based solutions delivering new operating environments for tomorrows industries and governments.

Emirates A.I.

Emirates Artificial Intelligence Technologies LLC is an Abu Dhabi based technology hub who’s objective is to bring together the worlds very best technology players in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Technology space right here in the very heart of the United Arab Emirates commercial capital.

EAIT is focussed on collaboration, integration and solutions provision where the world’s best work as part of a family of enterprises with the single mission of exploring, testing, developing and delivering tomorrows technology solutions which will change the world we live in.

Through the “AI Leaders Forum”, we bring together the very best talent to act as a guide and forum for likeminded and passionate technology experts to exchange views and ideas whilst challenge each other to channel our combined industry and technical skills to deliver solutions we can deliver for the benefit of all.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” is what we are. We work together with a single mission and the passion to change the world we live in through technology, and together we are stronger, faster, more agile and better informed. We are responsible but driven. We are committed yet informed. We are Emirates AI.

Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies

Renewable energy is quickly becoming the ideal solution to a growing number of countries, industries and consumers worldwide. Efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly, it has become a huge part of the UAE’s future energy goals. MUH seeks to evaluate, and be involved in solar, waste-to-energy and other forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency innovations and are firm believers in this paradigm shift. As an equity partner, MUH also seeks to introduce new energy efficiency technologies for both commercial and residential solutions.

A wider perspective


MUH Advisory is a wholy owned subsidiary of MUH holdings. We work with local, international, private and public organisations focusing on business strategy implementation. Through miticulous analysis and consultancy, we help create an effective environment that drives organisations to innovate and grow.

MUH Advisory’s team and partners are hand-picked specialist from various backgrounds; extending their expertize in M&A, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), valuation analysis, market evaluations and troubleshooting.