MUH Group L.L.C, is a privately owned holding company based in Abu Dhabi, the commercial heart of the United Arab Emirates. Driven by a team of local and international directors, MUH is building a multi-faceted Group of companies across a range of core industries both locally and internationally.

A first Look

MUH is a holding company with the core objective of advancing both the commercial and the socio-economic benefits on a local scale. Through our chosen partners, as well as independently, we seek to meet our objective through delivering tangible, long-term, and sustainable revenue streams.

The world we live in is ever-changing and ever-evolving, and MUH dedicates itself and its efforts towards enhancing and developing businesses that are behind the evolution and progression of that very world. This ranges from oil-field services, to sustainability, healthcare, infrastructure, construction, waste to energy, novel trade opportunities, as well as cutting-edge technology and the futuristic world of AI.

On a local scale, the benefit and the long-term goals of the UAE drive our priorities. We seek to be major contributors to that, and believe that significant overall benefit will be delivered through our stated aims and ambitions.


Our Approach

Evolving through Development

MUH’s approach towards its investments focusses on building a structure which takes the form of equity participation via Joint Ventures (JVs), as well as other forms of investment structure and group revenue generation. MUH, owing to its supportive approach towards its partners, also aids fledgling businesses within its target territory, and is as such described as a quasi-Venture Capital (VS) business.

The interests of our country and region are at the heart of our strategy. As such MUH is very selective when choosing its partners, and when chosen, ensures it understands and guides our mutually agreed objectives for the joint benefit of both parties. In doing so, we ensure that our core values and beliefs are met and upheld by our partners.

Said partners may be new businesses or established ones currently operating outside of the UAE and/or the Middle East, but seeking to enter our home market. We focus on accelerating the development of our businesses partners that will, specifically, service and benefit from the growing demand for goods and services in the UAE and as a significant provider of products and services within the region.

The fact that there is a growing demand in the UAE and the Middle East across the board presents an immense opportunity for local entrepreneurs as well as international companies wishing to capitalize upon it, and MUH seek to facilitate the establishment and growth of such endeavours.

Our Vision

A Future That Carries Our Past

MUH is a company that, at its core, holds the benefit and the prosperity of the UAE and the region in the highest regard. We seek to ensure that we capitalize upon growth areas presented in the short, medium, and long-term, forging together our aspirations to ensure continued progress and support to our local communities.

MUH’s vision is to contribute to our nations goal of increasing local employment, attracting and nurturing local and international talent and joining businesses that bring forth innovation and manufacturing which supports the UAE’s long term goal. This will create an environment of self-sufficiency and a “long-term” mentality in our general orientation.

Core Business Principles and Values

We define ourselves

Making clear who we are and what we stand for is of great importance to us.

“People, Our Planet and Commercial Responsibility First” as well as transparency encompass all of the Group’s actions and activities. In supporting the people of the UAE and the country’s long-term objectives as a significant international partner is one of our most important goals, and we work towards our objective of building a sustainable group of companies that reflect our vision, working towards supporting new technologies and innovations that will improve the lives of everyone throughout the world, and doing our very best to play our part in this transformation.

Holding the benefit
and the prosperity
of the UAE
and the region
in the highest regard.